Natural Resources


*This undertakes training of the public or environment policies, laws and programs on the conservation of the environment.

*It inspects and monitors activities which impact on the environment

*Prepare environment protection plans, strategies and reports for sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

*Undertakes to step up campaigns aimed at creating public awareness about environment protection and wise use of natural resources.

*Prepare and draft environment by-laws for sustainable use of the environment in the district


*We train for area land committees on their roles and responsibilities annually.

*Survey 6 pieces of district and sub-county land annually

*Develop land use zones for 3 urban centres annually

*Conduct 4 compliance monitoring inspection of urban centers annually


*Provide 45,000 good quality seedlings to the community and institutions for planting annually.

*Step up campaign aimed at planting trees to mitigate climate change annually.

*Restore forest land by encouranging natural regeneration of the district forestry lands every year.

*Monitor sustainable use of the wood resources to avert over exploitation.

*Guide the district on proper levies charged on timber resources abd transparently collect the revenues for proper planning and management fo the district.